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Come in and paddle with our news reporters that are gathring latest information about latest events, compeitions, races, novice programs, trainings, new members, etc.

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It is easy to become a memeber of North Shore Outrigger Canoe Club. Come to us and try, go through novice program for free and if you like it join the club!

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About Us

North Shore Outrigger Canoe Club is around since mid 1990`s. Few thousand people went through our novice programs since then and many of them are still around!

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The North Shore Outrigger Canoe Club in short:

  • We train 3 to 4 times a week
  • in order to become a memeber you will have to paddle
  • racing season goes from November until June
  • even if you are not fit we would like you to race

Of course, not all North Shore Outrigger Canoe Club members race. It is not mandatory but great experience that bonds all of us together like glue. Don't be scared, come to our headquarters and you will fall in love with canoes and paddling. Believe us, it is better stress relief than any pill.

Membership is free and we are all like family here. Ocean waves and paddling are amazing stress relief. After work or tough time there is nothing better to channel that energy. You will get fit, strong and energised so click that button!